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Related article: Date: Thursday, January 23, 2003 20 55th 13 -0600 From: Tim Subject : Children Bachelorette 1 NOTE : This story does not imply in any way, something about sex \\ \\ not one of the men Trista Rehn, presented on " the bachelorette ABC. " author has no idea about any sexual activities that may or may not have been filming during the show. "The Bachelorette" is copyright ABC 2003rd As the gentleman Trista watched every step of the elegant sexy black rooms, there was something strange in some of the guys. Just Trista did not seem interested in, how he met the guys inside. Even they felt more "click" with Charlie. When children in a pink limousine, the space within the bachelorette pad full of 25 of the best men in America has to offer. Inside the room the boys were mixed with each other, meet each other a little better. One of the men farewell, Brian H. Was in any case, always a few looks, with the most attractiveSee man in the room at the time. Brian H. n was a wonderful all -American, was 6'1 "and weighed about 185 sister bbs preteens
pounds, most video preteen cumshots of which was pure muscle strength. When night came in the room would be even full of wonderful tanned and muscular men. All eyes turned to the next door, as Brian S. , the following piece BA, entered the room. Brian S. was 6'2 " and weighed 200 pounds, at the point of with the most beautiful blond hair and brown eyes. Greeted almost every each one of the boys, and then took a drink and started talking Bob, one of the men less attractive. The boys had diverted attention individual interviews as the host went on to explain in the space, the game. ( As we all know the rules, there's really no reason to explain here. ) By Trista eliminates the 13 children liked boys were accompanied by what we call the bachelor pad. This huge house appears a small jacuzzi in the garden next to a good size pool completewith a mini-basketball hoop of the pieces of Sports among them. The boys showed their rooms and told them that they would begin to Shoot at 9:00 am, giving them enough time to rest and to relax after a tiring day of travel. Children were randomly assigned roommates, but most were three to one of space. The first three names were collected by Rob Ryan, and Charlie. we choose a room russian legal preteens with three beds. The next group of three years of age Brian H. Greg T. And Bob. But with three single beds. The third quarter was composed by Jamie, Brian S. And Jeff. This space was will be interesting to see, like a double bed and a double bed, anyway. The boys reluctantly took this room. The next three guys, creek, C. Brian, and Jack. The last room was filled with Josh, Russ, , and Brian C. In the evening there was, had broken the smart kids and decided to check the other rooms of the house. The first and most stations Mattert, some of them were the bathrooms. When she went to the bathroom the first place, were surprised that there is only one shower with 6 shower heads, which means that if they do not last forever, I wanted showers , which will be there are some group showers. Brian S. came forward and said : ". ? I do not care if I take a shower with you, We will all live together, so who cares " Jamie agreed with the words " Listen guys, I play a team of semi- professional basketball. you have not all I have not seen yet. " When he finished his statement, he looked to in which Charlie and I noticed a smile on his face falls as she eyes videos preteen incest
contact. When he left the bathroom, preteen bathing pushed Jeff and Charlie said, "What was that smile friend " Charlie replied with ".. Nothing but the idea guy About Trista " Jeff accepted the response , and return extreme preteen nudism them to the group, n , had at that time, returned to the kitchen and the living room from the bedroom of the s. RIGHT and went to her bedroom. As Jeff, Jamie and Brian S. entered her room, she was really shocked the view out the window. You could see the full moon sparkling pool is not more than 50 meters from your room. Jamie said the queen, because she was the highest of the three years of age. Brian S. said I would share this bed for the night and was going out to determine the type of rotation of the beds in the future. Jamie still has a question for the guys, though. " Does anyone in your sleep buff than me?" If both Jeff and Brian S. yes, let's Jamie is a leaf small smile. "No big problem," he said, "curiosity". With that said, which began the dismantling of the bed. Jamie went to the window y Gap jeans young preteen modelz unbuttoned and slowly slid down his muscular legs and firm, preteen model vagina firm ass slip was showing, even through his pants black. n then raised the white shirt over his head to reveal a beautiful top sex porn preteens body. He definesDirectly had nothing to complain about physical assets the Department. Then slid the boxers on the floor, revealing a beautiful ass s free of any tan lines. When he turned, saw Brian show him pulling his pants just CK boxer is perfectly modles preteen gallery on his tanned, muscular thighs. Brian had already been stripped of his shirt, show his pecs and abs gorgeous, glistening in the moonlight shines through the window. Jeff was the last to shrink to reveal the elimination of a t-shirt in an instant and take off khaki shorts as fast tight white boxer shorts that left little to the imagination. Jeff had played professional football, so it just slid down and reveals its thick tail of the lower branches with two perfect balls directly behind him. " toplist preteen topless Good people. You nymphet preteens may not be shy, eh ?" Asked Jamie. Jeff said. "You can be shy in the world of professional sports. Guys think you're gay or something. " like you got into bed, he saw Jamie radiation heatNo body of Brian and took what he thought might have a smile. But hey, it could have been a mistake. As the sun shone through the window in the room boys, Jamie launched the bed, a little morning wood sportier and preteen diaper models put his tail superb, with about 9 "long about 5" thick. For his size, he thought it was only relatively. was based on some shorts and went down the hall to the bathroom, where encountered while Charlie accidentally rubbed the sleep from her eyes received with " Beware Fuckhead. " Jamie is not really notice y feet held in the bathroom. He took his soap cupboard by the sink and pushed his shorts over his now soft Hahn s. He got into the shower, where he and Greg T. Ryan looked lather. looked to see that Greg had a small amount of chest hair and that Ryan was perfectly smooth. Jamie realized that Ryan was also the sport a good piece of meat. Jamie felt that, probably, 4 5 cm notsoft, which is fine, he thought. Ryan was a quick " Wake up sleepy head ! " Jamie, since out of the shower and in the heat the bathtub. Not long after Ryan left, Greg came out and was quickly replaced by Jeff and Brian H. As reported in, Jamie was thought he noticed young preteen modelz a piece of wood left over to Jeff tomorrow. Ready to Jamie came out of the shower, only to notice that you forgot the towel back into the room. It sucked and went to her room, tap changes all the time. When he arrived, was what she saw surprised... Thank you... more coming soon!

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